EDMS offers document management using familiar interfaces to get rapid user adoption built on a repository that offers transparent, out-of-sight services for full DMS. It addresses the requirements of small, medium and large enterprises in management, control and sharing of content across the company.

EDMS have a content repository that provides the following services

  • Document management
  • Web content management
  • Image storage and retrieval services
  • Record Management
  • Has other applications that aid in the storage and retrieval of large amounts of content.
  • It is built on i.e. JAVA 1.5 and supports identity management systems such as LDAP, NTLM etc. for security purposes.

Key features of EDMS

  1. Flexible metadata management
  2. Full audit control
  3. Allows for transformation of data
  4. Highly secure and version control
  5. Allows for indexing and full text search
  6. Has offline briefcase systems
  7. Has an advanced reporting and dashboard
  8. Has preview features
  9. Brand management features
  10. A content repository
  11. Web portal framework
  12. Windows file sharing interface
  13. A web content management system
  14. Record management repository
  15. Rule based workflow (Hot Folder Configuration)
  16. Java based on Tomcat
  17. Web access laptop/tablet

Using EDMS for record management by integrating scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies provides an end to end solution by collecting paper documents and transforming them into accurate, retrievable information and delivering the content into an organization’s business applications.

Content Categorization

  1. Automatic MetaData Extraction and categorization from all Interfaces


  1. Security and user management with users, groups and roles
  2. Document Level Security
  3. Single Sign-On through NTLM or LDAP

Personal User Dashboard

  1. Dashboard Layout Templates – Multi-column layout templates
  2. Drag and Drop Dashboard Customization – Add, remove, and position dashlets on your personal dashboard using drag and drop
  3. Out-of-the-box Dashlets:
    • Activities in My Sites – Rolled up view of all the activities for the sites of which you are a member
    • My Profile Dashlet – Displays a summary of your user profile
    • My Sites – Create new sites and access sites of which you are a member
    • User Calendar – Rolled up view of all calendar events for all your sites
    • RSS Feed – Display any RSS feed on your dashboard

Document Repository

  1. Multi-file upload – Bulk upload multiple files in a single operation
  2. Dynamic Filters – Filter the list of files based on Tags, Recently added/modified, Files you/others are editing
  3. Hierarchical (Tree) or Drill-down browsing
  4. Rich Document Metadata – including Name, Title, Description, Mimetype, and Tags , which are all customizable to the client’s indexing fields
  5. Version Control – Simple update process, major/minor versions, version comments, and version history
  6. Commenting
  7. Multi-Select Operations – Move/Copy multiple items in a single operation
  8. Fine grained permissions


  1. Google Style Simple Search – Single search box searches across all site content including metadata and full text
  2. Individual or all Sites – Search within a particular site or across all sites

User Experience

  1. AJAX driven UI
  2. Drag & Drop Layouts for dashboard
  3. Thumbnails
  4. Adobe Flash Document Previews allows zoom’ed, thumbnail, full screen view of document content
  5. Dynamic Panel Resizing
  6. User-friendly URLs pages are human readable, can be bookmarked and emailed
  7. Support for browser ‘Back’ button


  • Hybrid Cloud (recommended)
    • This is a scenario where there is a cloud service and onsite physical server
    • The advantage of this is performance and continuity in case of internet outage
  • Full Cloud
    • This does not require a physical server.
    • We recommend AWS, with per month billing
  • In-House hosting

Electronic Document Management

Its design is geared towards users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance.

Services Offered

  1. EDMS consulting
  2. Configuration & deployment
  3. Architectural or feasibility consultation
  4. On-going Support, updates and upgrades
  5. Document migration from other document management system
  6. EDMS Training

Our workflow for your EDMS document management implementation


  1. Our analyst understands your document/content management requirements
  2. We propose how EDMS ECM can be integrated to your business process add value to your business


  1. Implement EDMS as per your business requirement with implementation documentation
  2. Training on content management with EDMS, and administration

Post implementation Support:

  1. Provide yearly maintenance on the implemented system
  2. Keep you updated latest on open source document management

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