Elite/Premier/Registered Partner with Kodak Alaris Information Management

Posted on : 2 years ago

Lonestar Enterprises is proud to have joined forces with Kodak Alaris IM as one of their Elite/Premier/Registered Partner, after the launch of the new Alaris Partner Programme in 2017.

Lonestar Enterprises is now a certified provider of first class capture and scanning solutions to ensure clients and prospects are getting the best possible options when looking for document management solution.

As an Alaris Elite/Premier/Registered Partner, Lonestar Enterprises can offer an end to end service for clients to use data to drive efficiency, growth and profitability.

Harry Njoroge, CEO commented: “We have chosen to partner with Kodak Alaris IM, as they are known for their trustworthiness and quality. Our elite/premier/registered partnership will enable Lonestar Enterprises to offer our clients high-quality products, support and services from Kodak Alaris (IM), which in turn will enable them to maximise their growth and success”.

Harry added: “LONESTAR ENTERPRISES is a leading provider of data management software and scanning solutions with clients varying by industry type, size and requirement. Kodak Alaris hardware, software and services are the perfect solutions for any organisation that faces the ongoing challenge of capturing and storing data.

About Kodak Alaris Information Management

The ever-increasing flood of data, and how we manage it, is one of the greatest opportunities facing businesses and governments in the 21st century. Kodak Alaris works with organisations from small offices to global enterprises, bringing together the best science, technology and partnerships so its clients can stay ahead of the curve. From our award-winning range of scanners and software to the best global customer service and support, we’re here to help businesses transform data into a powerful competitive advantage.

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Conversion of University of Nairobi Microfilm Records to Digital Format to Enhance Visibility

Posted on : 3 years ago

The University of Nairobi is the oldest university in Kenya and is a keen supporter of open access. The university has a digital repository that houses over 85,000 items accessible to anyone with internet connectivity.

Towards the end of 2019, The University decided to digitize a total of about  2,400 rich Theses and dissertations and East African Protectorate documents that were in microfilm format. Lonestar Enterprises Limited was outsourced to do the digitization which they successfully completed.

The digitization of the microfilms increases visibility of the university research by making research readily available for access. This enhances collaboration and sharing of information resources remotely since the materials are searchable and retrievable via the World Wide Web. In addition, the local content of the University is preserved for posterity.

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