Kodak Alaris S2040

Technical Specifications

A4 Pages Per Min:40
Max Paper Size:216 x 356 mm
ADF Capacity:80 Sheets
Duplex Scanning:Yes
Dimensions (Closed) / Weight:204 x 312 x 182.5 mm / 3.3 Kg
Interface:USB 3.1 (Compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0)
PC Compatability:Windows 7 – 32 / 64 Bit
Windows 8 – 32 / 64 Bit
Windows 10 – 32 / 64 Bit
Windows Server 2012 & 2016
PC Drivers / Software:Twain / ISIS Driver
Capture Pro Limited Edition
Smart Touch
Mac Compatability:No
Mac Drivers / Software: 
Standard Warranty:3 Years Advanced Unit Replacement

Why Kodak Alaris S2040 ?

Capture information at the point of entry

The Alaris S2050 scanners are built to let anyone capture information anywhere, with superior image quality and data accuracy. Itu2019s the perfect solution when you need to get information into your business fast.
nn 1. Embedded Image Processing delivers crisp, high-quality images without depending on your PC.
n 2. Active Feed technology perfectly aligns pages to avoid misfeeds and multifeeds.
n 3. Perfect Page optimizes image quality on every page for accurate information extraction.nn

Reliable Operation

Alaris S2050 scanners can be trusted to reliably capture your important documents. Active Feed Technology aligns leading edge of paper to avoid misfeeds and multi-feeds, and Controlled Output Stacking places paper neatly in the output tray, so you spend less time arranging documents for scanning or dealing with messy output stacks.
nnThey offer multiple layers of built-in document protection.
nn 1. Intelligent document protection u201clistensu201d for a telltale crumpling sound and immediately stops the scanning process.
n 2. Multi-feed with ultrasonic technology is designed to detect when two or more documents are being fed into the scanner.n

Intelligently Designed

Alaris S2050 Scanners take up minimal desk space and stay out of the way when not being used. And when working at your desk or with customers, the scanners make minimal noise so not to disturb others around you or the customer you are focusing on.